Safety Profile


Traumatic injuries due to occupational hazards, fires, highway crashes, and home and recreation accidents have been the exclusive area of focus for the New Jersey State Safety Council for nearly 90 years.

The group most affected is young people up to the age of 24. Yet, there is no public outrage, no celebrity telethons, and no marches on government centers demanding an end to this grim arithmetic. There are only the concentrated efforts of few organizations, private businesses and dedicated individuals who work together to make a difference that will save lives and intercept tragedy.

Since our creation, the Council has relentlessly pursued and developed the programs and countermeasures in safety and health that mitigate the human and economic loss that results from accidental trauma.

The Council introduced the first defensive driving program in New Jersey in 1965, and is still the leading organization in New Jersey for the Driver Improvement Programs. Since the inception of the program, the Council has trained well over one million drivers.

Through the tireless work of the New Jersey State Safety Council and with the generosity of individuals and business leaders, we have developed the countermeasures, understanding and safety practices that save lives and reduce injuries. The Council is driven to help others in achieving this vital goal. We can only do this with your help.